**An Update on COVID-19**

Dear Client Families and those in Our Community,

     Chambers & Grubbs Funeral Home has proudly served the Northern Kentucky area for 114 years and we stand ready to help you now. Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the safety, well-being and health of you, your family, your friends, our community and our caring professional staff has always been of the utmost importance to us. Chambers & Grubbs is dedicated to remaining a leader in funeral home protectiveness and cleanliness. While we cannot control what other funeral homes will be allowing, know that we are committed to remaining open and our experienced, caring staff will continue assisting families during this time.

     Our heart goes out to those affected by the recent changes due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and we extend our appreciation to the health care community for all they are doing now to protect us.  We want you to know everything we are doing is to keep you safe while still helping support friends and family during a time of loss. We are taking proactive measures to prevent the spread of any illnesses. The information provided below represents our current response to this pandemic based on all available information given to us.

Community Updates as of March 24, 2020:

     We still believe that gathering and supporting one another at a time of loss is important which is why Chambers & Grubbs Funeral Home has adapted our services to follow the guidelines and mandates issued at the local, state and federal levels. The requirement for Kentucky Funeral Homes as set for by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is as follows: "All funerals in Kentucky are limited to the “Closest of Family” with “Private Burials”, each to not exceed 10 individuals total." Effective immediately, all funeral services held will be listed as private and limited to only 10 immediate family members including at any of our funeral homes, all churches and at gravesites. Times for the services will not be listed to the public.  Families that hold a private service at this time, will have the option to hold a public memorial at a later date, if they choose.  Chambers & Grubbs will offer a complimentary Memorial Celebration Service for all the families we serve, who have been effected during this time, to be held once the public ban is lifted. This will be at no added cost to the families we serve. 

     Gov. Beshear said the overriding goal of the order is to minimize in-person interaction, which is the primary means of transmission of COVID-19. The immediate implementation of the order is necessary as patrons of public-facing businesses gather in large numbers, in close proximity to each other and in enclosed spaces, endangering the health of customers and staff. The Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky fully expects that if we don’t adhere to the stated requirements, then the Governor will take further action and possibly close Kentucky funeral homes to visitations and funerals. FDAK advises all of the funeral homes in the Commonwealth to adhere to the requirements that have been set forth by the Governor and the CDC. Here is the link to Governor Beshear’s address regarding Kentucky Funeral Service.


     In this climate, we know there is a lot of uncertainty, we want you to know what we are doing to keep your safety a priority and how you can still support friends and family during a time of loss by knowing the facts. We want to thank you in advance for putting your trust in Chambers & Grubbs.

Visiting One of Our 3 Locations

     While the COVID-19 virus has required all of us to be more mindful as we go through our regular activities, rest assured that our locations are clean and safe. Even before this crisis we maintained health and safety measures designed to address a broad spectrum of viruses. Now this includes COVID-19. Our protocols cover everything from handwashing hygiene, cleaning product specifications, ventilation, equipment and common area and highly trafficked area cleaning procedures. In addition to communicating best health and safety practices to our associates and guests, Chambers & Grubbs has implemented guidelines when attending services. We advise our employees and guests to practice “Social Distancing” and eliminate physical contact such as handshake or hugging. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Coughs and sneezes should be done into your arm or inner elbow.  Stay home if you or someone in your household is sick or not feeling well. We’ve encouraged employees to refrain from coming to work should they feel any symptoms of COVID-19, influenza or any other illness. We ask that all families and individuals assess their own health before visiting one of our facilities or attending services.

     Our staff is following all public health authority’s guidance regarding hygiene and personal care. This applies to the care of the deceased, the care of your family, and guests.  We will be staggering on-site gatherings. We will not have back-to-back or multiple services happening in one location at a time to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation can be conducted.

     We will not permit any food items in the funeral homes for public sharing. We ask that guests refrain from bringing in any food products to our facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, cookie, sandwich or deli trays brought in from outside sources. We will continue to provide coffee and water for those attending services.

How Chambers & Grubbs Helps with Making Funeral Arrangements

     If a death has occurred, or will soon, we are very sorry for your loss. Our caring staff can help you accomplish everything remotely. Every situation can and will be accommodated to ensure the arrangements for the care of your loved one and ensure your wishes are followed. If a brief appointment needs to follow, a maximum of two immediate family members can drop off clothing, photos, select any necessary merchandise and finalize arrangements.

Other Service Options to Help the Families We Serve During This Period

     Chambers and Grubbs continues to offer the Tribute Wall pages on our website for condolence messages and to view Tribute Videos at www.chambersandgrubbs.com.  We will be downloading these messages & providing a memento for families to take with them after the services.  For those who would like to leave video messages for the family, with the family’s permission, we will provide a link to upload video messages to be given to the family as well.   Finally, feel free to send flowers, balloons, other items or make memorial donations to let the family know you are thinking about them at this time.

Thank You

     Losing a friend or family member is never easy – and we are very aware that these unsettling times can amplify feelings of grief and anxiety. Please know that we are here for anything else you may need to honor a life, support loved ones and begin the healing process

     The safety and well-being of you, your family, and your friends is of the utmost importance to us. Prayerfully, we hope that this crisis will soon pass. But during this time, we are joining together with our community to do our part in helping anyone in need. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (859) 344-5000. As always, we are here to serve you and we appreciate the trust you place in us during your time of need.

Welcome to Chambers & Grubbs Funeral Homes

Chambers and Grubbs Funeral Homes has been providing compassionate, comforting, affordable funeral and cremation services to families in Northern Kentucky for over 110 years. We strive to exceed the expectations of the families we serve by trying to treat every family as we would want to be treated (“love thy neighbor, as thyself” is our motto). While there is nothing easy about experiencing the death of a loved one, we strive to make things easier on the surviving family members and friends. Our goal, once we have been entrusted with the care of your loved one, is to gather all the relevant biographical and statistical information from you, inform and present you with creative, personalized, easy to understand, reasonably priced options, and allow you the opportunity to make the best decisions (without pressure from us) for you and your family. Once you have made your service selections, allow us to coordinate the service details, so you can focus on dealing with your grief and supporting your loved ones.

Please feel free to browse our pages to learn more about our services, staff, and facilities.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at anytime, we are available by phone or e-mail, or drop by the office in person.  We are always here to help.

We understand that it is not always possible to attend a service or visitation in person, so we encourage you to use our beautifully designed interactive online tributes to pay your respects, leave a condolence, share a memory, post a photo, light a candle, order flowers and more!